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Leadership Training Program

The mission of the Leadership Training Program at Holiday Home Camp is to provide quality recreational and educational opportunities for urban, economically disadvantaged teens. The mission is performed within an accepting and supportive environment that allows for the development of individual life skills such as independence, communication, job skills, and social skills. This individual growth enables participants to develop and achieve personal objectives, enhances self-esteem and encourages the application of these skills and objectives in their homes and communities.

What is the Leadership Training Program?

The Leadership Training Program (LTP) at Holiday Home Camp is a year-round educational program for 14-18 year old youth. The program is designed to help the youth discover their strengths and enhance their leadership skills by challenging them to try a wide variety of experiences. Their challenges are defined by a set of criteria that must meet in order to remain in and to advance in the program. The Leadership Training Youth (LTY's) participate in a week-long training session in June (Leadership Training Week). During this week, they participate in basic water safety, CPR, first aid, nature awareness, fire building, camp-outs, conflict resolution, team challenge course, public speaking, job applications and more. During the summer's two week sessions, those LTY's that have been in the program for two years and that showed maturity during the Leadership Training Week, are able to return to camp and assist with a cabin or program area. This gives them the opportunity to practice the leadership and mentoring skills they have been learning under the direct supervision of a Holiday Home Camp staff member and in the confines of a safe environment. Their communication skills, problem solving and teamwork skills are also challenged during these two week sessions. As they progress in the program they have the opportunity to come back to camp and help in other areas. These opportunities are designed around their personal life goals and objectives, which we help them to develop and achieve. In the off-season, we meet approximately every month at camp or in Chicago. The LTY's continue to work on their strengths and leadership skills as well as program criteria during these weekend meetings. This is not an easy program, the standards and expectations are high. Our LTY's work hard to get into and stay in the program. We are pleased at the growth and many accomplishments of various Leadership Training Youth. We hope you will take the opportunity to join.

Who is Eligible?

Leadership Training Program applicants are required to be between 14 years of age by June 1st of that year and come from a low-income, at-risk situation. Our aim is to serve campers who would be unable to attend similar programs at other camps due to cost factors. Our applicants must be willing to work hard and show their leadership skills.

How Do I Sign Up?

Youth that are or will be 14 years of age by June 1st of the current year and have expressed an interest in joining the Leadership Training Program are eligible to apply. Typically, they are past campers of Holiday Home Camp, but do not need to be. During the application process the youth is being exposed to their potential and what they need to do to achieve this. They start to learn what skill sets are necessary to be successful in their environment and how to use those skills.

The potential of the youth is tested through the application process. During this time, the Leadership Training Program Coordinator gets to know the applicant and gets a true feel of why they want to join the program and what they would like to get out of it. To begin the process, we ask that the applicant write a letter to camp stating why they want to be in the program and what they want to achieve. Also, we will need a written reference from someone that knows the applicant well, but is not related to them. After camp has received these two items, we will send you a registration form for the summer camp session.

Desired Outcomes

Youth will be able to set and attain goals
Increase in overall self image and confidence
Increase in ability to make positive life choices
Youth will graduate high school
Youth will have skills necessary to gain and maintain employment
Youth, if they choose, will be able to go to college


Follow the rules of Holiday Home Camp
Communicate with camp (when there is a change of address, in response to letters, etc.)
Be responsible for completing and returning all paperwork to camp by the date indicated
Respect other LTY's, volunteers, and staff in the program
Participate in all required programs
Show leadership and maturity at all times

Staying in the Program

Participation in the Leadership Training Youth Program is optional. However, it is important to know that is an LTY member isn't fulfilling their responsibilities, they may be dropped from the program. Our goal is learning and that can only take place if you are actively participating in the program.


The Leadership Training Program has a group of dedicated volunteers who help run the program. They are generally former LTY, Holiday Home Camp staff and professionals dedicated to working with youth.


The fee for the year-round LTY Program is advertised at $275. Holiday Home Camp does offer scholarships to families in need, and we will work with you and your financial situation. Please contact the office if you have questions regarding this fee. In addition to the camp fee some monthly programs will have an activity cost to be paid for by the participant. This cost typically does not exceed $15.

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